Explore the Kokoda trail through the eyes of the soldiers.

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Kokoda to Owers’ Corner
Owners’ Corner to Kokoda
Chickoda (all female trek)


Key Details

Theme Walking, Hiking
Destination Kokoda (PNG)
Group Size Min 6, Max 16
Ages 14+
Difficulty OOOOO

Prices From

$4,300 AUD

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Why You’ll Love 100% Kokoda

Australia’s number one bucket list adventure.

Kokoda Trail is known to be one of the hardest yet most physically and emotionally rewarding treks in the world. Nestled in the Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea, this small track was once the scene of a battle that has become part of Australian folk law. In 1942, our Australian Soldiers fought a numerically superior and battle-hardened enemy, who were hell-bent on capturing Port Moresby. At times outnumber as much as 10:1, the Australian’s who with a bond of brotherhood refused to yield, forced the withdrawal of the Japanese, preventing their advances.

The Kokoda Trail is the only military history tour in the world where you will have the same conditions as those who fought. There is no tourist bus option, and no other way to see it than to thrust yourself into the culture and walk the same hills and see the same sites.

Our treks follow this journey, where you will walk the same track, in similar conditions and over the same mountains. At times you will be subjected to the elements, but this makes this trek not only so unique, but so demanded. It’s almost a pilgrimage that brings those who complete it great respect from family and peers home.


Why You’ll Love 100% Kokoda

Nothing But
100% Adventure

A trek for everyone with expert guides.

Itineraries may vary depending on which adventure you select.

No hidden costs. Choose your flights and we’ll do the rest.

Kokoda to Owers' Corner

Day 1: Arrival in Port Moresby, transfer to Holiday Inn. Welcome briefing by guide, equipment packing assistance.

Day 2: Departure from Holiday Inn at 6:30 am, fly to Kokoda. Visit Kokoda Plateau, start trek to Hoi village, swim in village waters, climb to Deniki village (10 km).

Day 3: Gentle climb through Choko fields, visit Isurava Village and Battlefield, continue to Alola village (14 km).

Day 4: Descend to waterfall, climb to Templeton’s Crossing, inspect weapons cache, reach Dump 1 village (18 km).

Day 5: Ascend Kokoda Gap, cross highest point at 2250m, visit Eora Creek campsite and Bombers Camp, reach Naduri village (18 km).

Day 6: Descend to Efogi village, climb Brigade Hill for memorial service, continue to Menari village (12 km).

Day 7: Climb “The Wall,” cross Kokoda Swamp, ascend “nine false crests,” reach Naduri village (15 km).

Day 8: Climb to Engineer’s Camp, descend “Jap Ladder” to Ofi Creek, ascend “Iriobaiwa Ridge,” reach Iriobaiwa village (15 km).

Day 9: Descend Iriobaiwa Ridge, cross Ua-Ule Creek 22 times, ascend Imita Ridge, reach Goldie River campsite (12 km).

Day 10: Final climb to Owers Corner, pass through completion gates, visit historical sites, return to Port Moresby (Drive: 2 hrs).

Day 11: Departure from Holiday Inn with provided transportation to Jackson’s International Airport.

Download 100% Kokoda Kokoda – Owers Itinerary

Owers' Corner to Kokoda

Day 1: Arrival in Port Moresby, transfer to Holiday Inn. Welcome briefing, safety instructions, and equipment assistance by 100% Kokoda Team.

Day 2: Breakfast included. Depart to Owers Corner, visiting Bomana War Cemetery, Segari, McDonalds Corner. Meet porters, start trek to Goodwater Camp, visit Dump 66, pay respects to Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.

Day 3: Early start, climb Imita Ridge, learn about war history, cross Ua-Ule Creek, reach Iriobaiwa village (12 km).

Day 4: Continue descent of Iriobaiwa Ridge, inspect Japanese artillery, climb Maguli Range, ascend “Jap Ladder,” reach Nauro village, cross “Kokoda Swamp,” reach Agulogo village (16 km).

Day 5: Ascend “The Wall,” visit Menari village, honor 39th Battalion, climb Brigade Hill, explore battlefield (14 km).

Day 6: Dawn service at Brigade Hill, explore memorial site, walk to Efogi village, meet families and porters, reach Efogi 2 (16 km).

Day 7: Cross Kokoda Gap, explore Maguli Range, visit Templeton’s Crossing 1, ascend to Eora Creek campsite (16 km).

Day 8: Explore Eora Creek area, descend to Ofi Creek, ascend Iriobaiwa Ridge, visit Dump 44, reach Iriobaiwa village (16 km).

Day 9: Depart Iriobaiwa village, visit Isurava Village, pay respects at battlefield, descend to Deniki village, see Kokoda from above, camp at Kovello (14 km).

Day 10: Short walk to finish at Kokoda, receive medallion, visit monuments and war museum, fly back over trail, visit Bomana War Cemetery, return to Holiday Inn.

Day 11: Departure day, transport to Jackson’s International Airport.

Download 100% Kokoda Owers – Kokoda Itinerary

Chickoda (all female trek)

An all female trek, hence it’s called ‘Chickoda’. With an all female cast and guide, the only men on this trek will be the men who cook, clean and carry your equipment. Come meet like-minded women, make new friends and walk the Kokoda Trail with women like you. 

Locally-led Treks by Koiari

If you would like to experience an authentic version of the Kokoda trail led by the local men of the trail, the Koiari men, without an Australian guide, then we can also assist you.

Check out www.koiaritrekking.com for more information.



Expert Guides

Our guides are the heart and soul of our journey. They’re passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of the outdoors with you. Our guides are current or former soldiers, compliant with First Aid and CPR, and carry a first aid kit.

Meals & Food

All meals on the trail. We cater for all dietary requirements. Rest assured that all meals will be sufficient for your trekking energy.

Travel & Logistics

All ground transportation to and from the airport and a charter flight between Port Moresby and Kokoda. Satellite communications link to our office in Australia and emergency services. General Porters will also help transport food and safety equipment. All trek permits, entry to sites and tours are included.


Two nights accommodation at the Holiday Inn (Port Moresby), and all accommodation on the trail.

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10 June 2024

21 June 2024



15 July 2024

25 July 2024

(all female trek)


3 September 2024

13 September 2024



Sold Out

10 November 2024

20 November 2024



14 March 2025

24 March 2025



14 April 2025

25 April 2025

(Anzac Day: Bomana War Cemetery)


Closed Group (Timmerman)

16 April 2025

27 April 2025


(Anzac Day: Isurava)



20 April 2025

30 April 2025

Kokoda (Anzac Day: Brigade Hill)



22 April 2025

2 May 2025


(Anzac Day: Isurava)



16 May 2025

28 May 2025

Closed Group (Hartley, 10 Night Trek)


6 June 2025

17 June 2025

(all female trek)


7 July 2025

18 July 2025



11 August 2025

21 August 2025



8 September 2025

18 September 2025



3 October 2025

13 October 2025



10 November 2025

20 November 2025




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We want you to book your adventure and know that we’ll take care of all the details for you, and all you’ll need to do is book your flight.

When it comes to travel, we’ll meet you at the airport, and transfer you to your hotel (where you’ll be checked in so you can go straight to your room) so you can relax and get excited for your 100% Adventure.

All of our guides are experts and dedicated to ensuring you’re safe. Trained in emergency first aid and equipped with safety and heat management plans, our experts — some who are Nurses, Paramedics, and Army Combat Paramedics — will ensure you’re well cared for.


The 100% Kokoda Difference

Why choose 100% Kokoda?

People come to Kokoda for a range of reasons. Some people want a physically challenging walk and are not too concerned with the military linkage. Some want the same physical challenges, but they want to learn a little of the history; others come for the challenges and a full-blown account of the war. At 100% Kokoda, we know that everyone who comes to Kokoda, comes for the right reason, there is no wrong reason, and no matter why you want to do Kokoda, we know we can assist you!

At 100% Kokoda, we don’t read to you from books, and we don’t have ‘speaker notes’ we know the information. From our own combat experience, we know we can help you to understand how the soldiers of 1942 felt based on how we felt in similar situations, that’s the difference with 100% Kokoda; you get to see Kokoda through the eyes of the soldiers, our eyes.

For those who want a little more of the history, we make sure we take you to the side after a brief and we talk to you about it for as long as you like. This way, those people who want to hear less about the war don’t feel that they had to sit through conversations they didn’t want to be a part of. We have found that this model works well for us, and we know we can have many people who have come to Kokoda for various reasons, all in the same group and having their ‘information thirst’ quenched.

Our treks have been designed with military precision by people who have personally prepared soldiers for combat. Take comfort knowing you’ll be met by our team at the airport in Port Moresby, and transported to your secure hotel where your room awaits. You don’t need to worry about meals, transport, permits, plane tickets or who will help you walk the trail; we have done all of this for you! Because to us at 100% Kokoda, we treat it like you’re on holiday and we take pride in being your holiday facilitator.

Having combat-experienced guides, we know that our team reacts well in time-critical, pressure situations. Every one of our guides is versed in remote first aid and able to respond with the expedience that you want in the event that there is an accident. We carry satellite phones and have a 24/7 emergency link to our office in Australia and your personal travel insurer. This ensures that if required, we can evacuate you quickly and with little fuss. We have rehearsed this process from the middle of Kokoda back to Cairns. This gives you the comfort that if something were to happen, we have done this before and have tested getting you to world-class treatment and fast!

When some people hear our guides are soldiers, they think of war movies with people being yelled at, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our treks are fun, light-hearted and foster the group’s individual personalities. Our Guides have been hand selected and all trained personally by our founder Cam James, to ensure they are the right people for this role. Our Guides love what they do, and you will see their passion for PNG, Kokoda, the local community, and soldiering come through in how they talk, act and relate. Our guides have to be relatable, which is why we know our guides are the best. This is to facilitate the Kokoda Trek you imagined.

Want to know more? Check out our reviews at the bottom of this page and see what others had to say about trekking Kokoda with 100% and seeing Kokoda through the eyes of the soldiers.

Carrying your own pack or hiring a Personal Porter?

This decision must be yours, and there is no pressure from us to hire a porter. At 100% Kokoda, we believe that you have an image in mind of what this adventure will look like, and this will be an image of you carrying your pack, whilst, for others, this will be an image that has you hiring a personal porter. No matter what you would like, we are here to accommodate you and facilitate your requests.

Should you want to hire a personal porter, we ensure that you will be matched with somebody with your best interest at heart; someone who wants to see you succeed and who will go above and beyond to maintain your health and happiness. 

You can be assured our porters are cared for and receive the highest wage on the trail. Your fee for this service pays their wage to carry your personal items, and includes a wage to walk home at the completion of the adventure. This fee covers their food, accommodation expenses, their uniform, and insurances. While the money for this service is taken as a part of your fee, this is passed to the man who will walk with you, support you and be there with you for the duration of your adventure. In the event there was an injury to your Personal Porter, we pay to have them transported to a medical facility and cover their medical costs. Should this occur we’ll assign another man to replace him and pay their wage also, at no additional cost to you.

One thing that we say to people is that hiring a personal porter is so much more than someone carrying your pack, it’s the friendships that are made, meeting their families along your journey, learning about them in addition to the support you will provide to the local people and to their community. Without trekking, the porters have no other source of income, so you are helping a family provide.

Porter Cost: $750AUD

The Team of 100% Kokoda Guides

Every one of our team of guides is either a current or recently retired member of the Australian Army. What this means to you is that when we talk about the history of the war, we talk about it with experience based on how we felt in combat situations. Trekking Kokoda with us is never an ‘Army camp’; we have a lot of fun, but where we differ is that we can talk more about the psychological effects of combat. This lets you get a little closer to history. At 100% Kokoda, not only have we studied Kokoda and the tactics of warfare, we have lived it, and we want to share our experiences with you.
Our Guides have been members of teams in the following operational theatres: East Timor, The Solomon Islands, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Ukraine, Bougainville, and Pakistan.

Kokoda Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your Kokoda Treks Cost?
Our trek cost is $3950 RRP (not including personal porter costs).

What do I get for that fee?
You can see what is included in the cost structure at ‘Inclusions and Exclusions’ section.

So what isn’t included in that fee?
In short, your travel costs to get you to Port Moresby and your travel insurance. A full list of what is excluded in the cost structure can be found on ‘Inclusions and Exclusions’ at the bottom of this page and also on this website under our ‘Refund Policy’.

How do I place a deposit?
This is easy, just head to our section on dates and pick which trek you’d like to adventure on.

Please be aware that your 20% deposit is non-refundable. That said, you can transfer it to any of our other treks, be it for Kokoda or any of our other 100% adventures.

What if I change my mind after I place my deposit?
No worries! If you change your mind, just let us know and as long as its prior to eight weeks before your trek we reimburse any money you have invested above your 20% non-refundable deposit. If you let us know within eight weeks of your trek, you can transfer your money and your deposit to another trek within a 12-month period.

Do I need to hire a personal porter?
This is up to you. We recommend that you use this service for more than the assistance that the porter provides you. You are supporting the local community, their economy and giving a job to someone who would otherwise not have one. In addition, you will meet the families of your porter and spend time getting thrust even deeper into the culture.

How much money should I take on the Trek?
This is up to you. We recommend that you take at least K300 ($150AUD approx) onto the track in small denominations. What you spend at the hotel is up to you, personally, we put this on our credit card and pay our account upon check out.

Do I need to take my own tent?
No! We provide you with one of our company tents and a ground sheet to use. This saves you trying to clean your own tent for quarantine upon your return

Where can I wash at night?
We provide you a location to wash each day. Each campsite has a river or shower for you to wash before dinner and bed.

How fit do I need to be?
Although a standard level of fitness is advised, you don’t need to be a super athelete. If you’re a generally active person, you’ll do great! If you’re still concerned about your fitness, reach out and talk to us about our training program, created by Personal Trainers, former soldiers and lifelong adventurers!

Are there Ticks and Leeches?
While there are, they are not as prevalent as you would think. We show you how to prevent these and help you in the unlikely event that you have one.

How many mozzies are there?
Much like the ticks and leeches, there are mosquitoes. However, they are not in the swarms you possibly think they are. We believe the mosquitoes are no worse than if you were at home. That said, your tent has a mozzie net. We use repellant and wear long clothes at night to prevent stings.

What is the toilet situation?
These vary from village to village. Some are holes in the ground, and others are a toilet tub that you can sit on. You are in the jungle, so we ask you to remain a little open-minded.

What do we eat?
We have a cook that prepares all meals for you. You will eat carbohydrate-heavy food to give you the nutrition you require to be fuelled for trekking. You will have cereals and some hot items such as pancakes or porridge for breakfast, and morning tea is biscuits, nuts and chips. Lunch is a mixture of fresh fruits (where available from the track) and rice paper rolls, sushi, buns and or donuts. Afternoon tea is a mixture of salty treats. Dinner is a mixture, but there is a pizza/ pasta night, and the team make cakes. So you can see there is a vast variety of fresh and prepared foods for you to eat. We can cater for celiacs, vegans, vegetarians and any other allergy or intolerance you may have. Please note: There is no refrigeration on the trail so for the lactose/ dairy intolerant/ allergic, we have to use powdered milk. Our company Director is in this group, he has no ill effect from the milk powder at all.

How much food is there?
We carry so much food that our General Porters can only carry half of it. We transport by helicopter the remaining food to a village in the middle of the track. You can trust us when we tell you you will be well-fed. There is so much food, that at the completion of the trek we have had some people complaining they’ve put weight on!

Is there an age limit?
In short, no, but there needs to be a realistic appreciation of what you’re undertaking. You will be the best person to decide on a child’s maturity or to the physicality of someone older. It’s always best to call and discuss. Note: The youngest we’ve taken is a 12-year-old girl, and the oldest is a 78-year-old man.

How many people will be in my trek?
This varies from trek to trek. Typically we have a minimum of six and a maximum of 16, that said for an ANZAC or closed group will take up to 22 people. We like to work on a “magic number” of 12 people as this is the most enjoyable for all. We need you to know that if your chosen trek has fewer than six people booked six months before your trek, we will cancel it as it will not afford you the experience you deserve. We will contact you at this point to make alternate travel arrangements for you.

What equipment do I need to trek Kokoda?
We provide you with an equipment list with essential and luxury items. In addition, we do boot reviews on our YouTube Channel to assist you in buying your footwear for trekking.

Why should I trek with 100% Kokoda?
Would you do a first-aid course with someone that only read a first aid book? Probably not! You’d want a paramedic, a nurse or a doctor. With this, why would you then do a military history trek with anyone but a soldier? Anyone can read a book, but only a soldier has lived and breathed it, so they’re best placed to give you the most emotionally charged trekking experience.

Can I see what trekking with 100% Kokoda is like?
You can see our treks on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram through the videos we post on these platforms.

Where do I stay in Port Moresby?
We have a magnificent relationship with the Holiday Inn, Port Moresby. In this facility, there are two hotels, three restaurants, two bars, a pool, gym and a tennis court. You can see a dentist and have a facial too. We have a washing room for your clothes. Once you’re inside, you may not want to leave!

Do I need a visa?
To obtain entry into Papua New Guinea, you will need to obtain a ‘visitor’s Visa’ When you book we will send you the links to obtain your visa for a small fee.

What if I have another question that you have not answered?
Just head to the contact page and send us an enquiry.

Full list of 100% Kokoda Inclusions and Exclusions
Refund Policy

To book with 100% Kokoda Pty Ltd, (herein called 100% Kokoda) we require a 20% (non-refundable) deposit of the full package cost. Should you desire, you are welcome to pay for your adventure in full at the time of booking. 

Should you pay in full at the time of booking, please be aware that 20% of the full package cost remains non-refundable. The 20% is non-refundable as it covers our cost to facilitate your administration. Should you desire, you’re welcome to pay for your adventure incrementally and interest free. You are also welcome to pay the balance of your account in one payment, not later than eight-weeks prior to the date of your intended arrival to chosen adventure destination. Receipt of your adventure fee eight-weeks prior allows 100% Kokoda to facilitate payments to external suppliers for the facilitation your adventure.

Please be aware: Within eight-weeks of the date of travel, should you decide that you no longer wish to travel, or you can no longer travel on the chosen date, your money is no longer refundable, it has been spent in good faith with our suppliers for the facilitation of your adventure. You now hold travel credits with 100% Kokoda to the value of your invested funds.

Please be aware: You are entitled to transfer your 100% Kokoda travel credits to another adventure within a 12-month period. You are also entitled to transfer your 100% Kokoda travel credits to a third-party. In the event the third-party option is chosen, 100% Kokoda requires an additional 20% deposit for the facilitation of new administration for the third-party.

Please be aware: You will be contacted by 100% Kokoda nine-weeks prior to the date of intended travel to seek your endorsement to proceed with your booking. Should you decide you longer wish to proceed with your booking, you are entitled to a refund on all invested monies, except the ‘non-refundable 20% deposit’. Notification of your intended withdrawal must be confirmed with 100% Kokoda prior to eight-weeks of the intended date of arrival to your chosen adventure destination. 

Please be aware: That in the event you decide within eight-weeks prior to the date of travel that you no longer wish to travel with 100% Kokoda, or you are unable to travel within the following 12-month period, you are required to seek a refund of your monies through your personal travel insurer. 

Insurance: 100% Kokoda recommends that you obtain personal travel insurance prior to booking your adventure with us. A travel insurance policy purchased at the earliest available opportunity affords the highest chance of payout. Please do not delay the purchase of travel insurance, insurance companies retain the right to refuse making payment due to a lack of time between the purchase of a policy and an application for payment. In the event you are not entitled to a refund of your monies aligned with this 100% Kokoda refund policy, and you do not wish to use your travel credits within the following 12-month period, 100% Kokoda is not liable for the release of funds. 

If you have any questions in relation to our refund policy, please don’t hesitate in contacting us on 0416 611 614 or email, cam@100wwa.com.au

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